Student Services

School Counselors

Mrs. V. Banks - Grade 8 (Department Chair) [email protected]

Mr. M. Hess - Grade 7 - [email protected]

Ms. D. Daeschner - Grade 8 - [email protected]

Ms. N. Dennard School Counseling Secretary

Counselors are actively involved in our students’ middle school experience.

Each counselor works with a single grade level and follows those students throughout their three years of middle school.

Counselors work with students, teachers, administrators and parents to help students to succeed in school and to develop the skills to prepare for high school, college and the workplace.

Through individual counseling, group counseling, classroom presentations consultations with teachers and parent conferences, counselors assist students with the following goals:

  • Academic Success

  • Career and College Readiness and Decision-Making

  • Social and Emotional Skills

Middle school is a time of exploration, change and growth for students. Counselors are here to help students and their families during this important stage of development.