School Progress Plan Snapshot

Pikesville Middle School

Community School Progress Summary 2020 -2021

Kalisha T. Miller, Principal


BCPS Vision: Baltimore County Public Schools will be among the highest performing school systems in the nation as a result of creating, sustaining, and investing in excellence for every student, every school, and every community.


School Mission:

Pikesville Middle School aims to promote a safe, equitable, learner-centered environment for all students. In order to prepare our students for high school, college and careers, we will

  • Provide rigorous, relevant and responsive instruction to all students.
  • Establish supportive respectful relationships that encourage responsive behaviors.
  • Instill healthy habits to support positive social, emotional, physical, and academic development.
  • Establish strong valu1stes and citizenship within and beyond the school community.


Goal: All students will achieve mathematics proficiency as indicated by the MCAP assessment.


Action Step(s):


1. Teachers will explicitly teach content aligned to the rigor of the standards including modeling through sharing their thought process aloud as they approach and complete tasks (i.e. “think aloud” strategy).


2. Time on task should reflect high expectations and ensure that students do most of the cognitive work of the task.



Goal: All students will achieve literacy proficiency as indicated by the MCAP assessment.


Action Step(s):


1. Teachers ask critical thinking questions of all students and provide opportunities for all students to demonstrate independence.


2. Teachers will incorporate authentic literacy experiences, reflective of the discipline, in every lesson.


3. Teachers will implement system programs and resources with fidelity while being responsive to learner variability within the parameters of the programs and resources.




Safe and Secure Environment


Action Step(s):

1. Teachers will create and sustain a safe, welcoming and supportive classroom environment which values inclusivity and diversity. (Special Education-TSI Group)


2. Teachers explicitly teach and model social emotional learning skills and strategies and integrate them into academic content. (Special Education-TSI Group)


3. Classroom routines and expectations promote cooperative learning, teacher to student interactions and student to student interactions characterized by mutual respect and caring. (Special Education-TSI Group)


How will the leadership team create the conditions that support this instruction?


Action Step(s):


1. We believe all students can achieve high academic outcomes and therefore all teaching and learning must be rigorous and reflect high expectations for all students. Instruction, assignments and assessments must align to the rigor of grade or course level standards.


2. We believe that instruction must be relevant to our students’ cultures, interests, perspectives and lived experiences.