Student Service Learning

Student Service Learning

Students must complete 75 service learning hours in order to graduate from a Baltimore County Public School. Some courses offer infused service learning hours into its curriculum. For most students following a typical sequence of middle school courses, completing all activities within the course, 60 hours of service learning will be met as follows:

6th Grade - Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, and Technology

7th Grade - Art, and Technology

8th Grade - Science and Health

 When students complete middle school, they could have accumulated 60 service learning hours if they have attended school regularly and made-up any missing work related to the service learning curriculum infusion courses.

Students may be able to earn additional service learning hours though student-initiated service in the community, extra-curricular activities, and special projects.

Please refer to BCPS’s Resource Directory for service learning opportunities. Also here are some additional websites to check out:

Please complete the Hours Verification and Reflection Form and return to Ms. Huemmer in School Counseling when hours have been completed.