Ravens Concessions Volunteer Information



* If you or someone else wants to support the PTA at PMS at the Ravens stadium, please send me: full name, email address and contact number. ARAMARK will send a background check link via docusign and a virtual training link will be included. 

Urgent, please let me know if you have received the background link and virtual training link. Check your spam folder for the background link and virtual training. Also, if you have attended the in person training, please let me know. One last note, there are three home games this month (October). Please let me know your availability for them and the balance of the season for planning purposes. So far only two individuals have responded. Thank you.

Balance of Ravens Football Schedule:

1)  8:00pm Sunday 19 September 2021

2)  8:00pm Monday 11 October 2021

3)  1:00pm Sunday 17 October 2021

4)  1:00pm Sunday 24 October 2021

5)  1:00pm Sunday 7 November 2021

6)  8:00pm Sunday 28 November 2021

7)  1:00pm Sunday 19 December 2021

8)  4:00pm Sunday 2 January 2022

9)  1:00pm Sunday 9 January 2022

What games can you support?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the PMS PTA fundraiser during the Raven’s Football Season at M&T Bank Stadium! Volunteer’s interested in supporting please contact: O’Neal Johnson Jr. VP PTA at Pikesville Middle School [email protected]

In order to volunteer onsite, Aramark requires each volunteer to review, complete and/or sign  4 documents (documents will be sent to those interested in volunteering):

•        Background Disclosure Form - Review document and keep for your records
•        Background Authorization Form – Complete and sign
•        Criminal History Disclosure Form – Complete and sign
•        Volunteer Acknowledgment Form – Review and sign

All volunteers must be at least 16 years or older, and anyone handling alcohol must be at least 21 years old.

If you are interested in volunteering a brief training is required.  You are welcome to come in person to the stadium or we can send you a link for ARAMARK’s new online TEAM training course. Please send your name and email address to O’Neal Johnson ([email protected]) and ARAMARK, Sarah Colin will send you the background check paperwork and the training program details.

PLEASE, Call or email O’Neal Johnson, PMS PTA VP, at 443-860-2799,  [email protected] to sign up for training and for 1, 2 or more games. 

Thank you. RAVENS CONCESSION FUNDRAISER [email protected]